Why People Have Assumptions

Why do people assume? Assumption means to take as certain or true. We make assumptions often because we want to communicate more effectively. However, we have to be aware of the assumptions that we make. The aim should be to make only a few assumptions as possible.Once we get the result of those assumptions, we have to use this to make clarifications to correct biased or improper assumptions. So why do people make assumptions? Here are a few reasons why.

It facilitates communication through a language. We all have different ideas most of the time, and to communicate this idea, we use a common shared language. When we use this language, we assume that the other person will be able to interpret or get the idea since he is familiar with the language that we use. So basically, that person will understand the meaning of the idea we’re trying to communicate.

It also helps us understand non verbal language because this can be very difficult to understand. An example for this would be a person talking to someone and then looking at his watch. It could mean that he’s not interested to talking to the person or that he just wants to make sure what time it is. Making assumptions help us understand these non verbal signs that often mat be uncomfortable to clarify.

We also assume to try to “fill in the blanks”. This can be applicable when a person we’re talking to uses only a few words in their sentences. We assume to understand the intended meaning of what the person is trying to tell us.

Assuming is also a good defense mechanism. We’re able to preserve how we view the world and our self-esteem. We try to link things that previously happened to things that just happened to find a valid reason for it happening. We try to find this validity to give some reason we want to believe.

Assuming also makes us feel confident and comfortable. It gives us self confidence. Because when we make assumptions, we place trust on certain people and things. For example, we assume that our friends are trustworthy enough to keep out deepest secrets. It helps us build relationships with the people we barely know as well.

We might not like to assume but we often still do it. We just need to keep in mind that the assumptions we make are valid and logical. And to avoid any misunderstanding from the assumptions we make, we just need to make sure that we clarify things when we are given feedback regarding our assumptions. This is also to avoid future bad assumptions in the future.

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