Fear of Driving on Freeways – Overcome Driving Fear

You may feel overwhelming feelings of dread and fear because of a phobia of driving. This condition is quite serious and it can have significant ramifications on your life. The first step is to recognize your problem by exploring how the fear of driving manifests itself.

Hodophobia is the technical term for this debilitating condition. There is a wide spectrum of severity of the symptoms of this phobia ranging from feeling apprehensive to extreme panic.

Symptoms of Driving Phobia

You may have constant, uncontrollable thoughts about having a car accident. These thoughts lead to feelings of great anxiety each time you even think about getting in the car. Your body responds with telltale signs of panic. You may sweat and feel your heart beating out of your chest.

You may shake while you are driving which makes matters worse. You feel as if you are going to lose control of the vehicle and any confidence you have in yourself as a driver flies out the window. The sounds of other vehicles on the road cause you to become anxious and even nauseous.

Dizzy spells threaten you as you make your way down the road. Your mouth becomes dry and your legs shake uncontrollably. Focus is impossible and your thoughts and feeling seem to be working against you.


Hodophobia can be compartmentalized, focusing on certain aspects of operating a vehicle. One of the most problematic places for people who have phobia of driving is the freeway. This type of road is very intimidating to many drivers.

Freeways are troublesome because traffic moves very fast. There are large vehicles on the road that seem as if they are going to overtake your car. Other vehicles are whizzing past and the feeling of motion is burdensome as you begin to feel overwhelming fear and apprehension.

Fear of Driving Over Bridges

You may have great feelings of dread at the very notion of passing over a bridge in your car. This irrational fright seems as if it is beyond your control. You plan your routes to avoid bridges at any cost and some bridges are completely off your list. If there is an activity across the river, you stay home.

Thoughts of bridges collapsing overwhelm you and you can’t bear the idea of waiting for traffic to move when you are on a bridge. Gradually, the fear forces you to avoid driving completely.

Help for Phobia of Driving

Your phobia of driving is a learned reaction to your inner thoughts and feelings. Fortunately, you do have control over your thoughts and emotions. However, there are times when fear overpowers your mind.

Self-hypnosis helps you regain control of your thoughts and emotions. You can relearn how to experience operating a vehicle no matter if you are traveling on the freeway or over a bridge. Your phobia of driving is manageable and you can triumph over it with the proper treatment.

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