The Number 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t Take Life for Granted

You are smug and happy with life. Or your life does not have many challenges. At any rate, do not take this kind of life for granted. Why? Read on to find out.

If you take your happy, non-challenging life for granted, Almighty heavenly force will soon start to test you and throw big enough challenges your way. He would like to see how you cope with them.

If you take it easy, the Almighty force will be merciful and let you lead your life your way. If you resist or can’t tolerate it, this Almighty force will throw more challenges your way. So, remember to be sober and humble. These two qualities will keep you safe from all hard knock downs or challenges.

Remember who you are and what you were meant to do in this life. Work smart and contribute something to your world every day. Every person on this fertile earth should have a life purpose. Carry it out and most of all, love doing it.

Never say this or that will never happen to you. Anything in any way can happen to anybody. So don’t be so sure of yourself. Stay calm and work what you love doing quietly. You will be blessed. Yes, that’s right what you just read. I repeat: YOU WILL BE BLESSED.

You also need to love people around you- your family, relatives, neighbors, friends and colleagues. If for any reason you dislike someone, keep your distance and hardly communicate with them.

This is one thing you should always remember: Life does not remain the same for somebody for too long. If you are in pain either because of a loss or some ailment, things will get better. If you are too contented with life, the challenges will start to set in. So in that case do not be too harsh on yourself. You need to love yourself as much as you need to with others.

That way, you are fine. Life is all about joy and sorrow and they come by turns. So make sure you understand this philosophy of life and therefore, do not, by any chance, take your happiness for granted.

I do not encourage you to worry and rob your moments of joy. Just be in the knowhow change will set in and still stay in the present and enjoy. After all, every single person on this earth was born to be happy and enjoy life. So don’t fret too much and I encourage you to go ahead and enjoy!!

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