We Never Have Enough

Whatever we do, however much we earn, we never have enough. Life is a tough struggle these days. Inflation has hit us all badly. “Mehngai” (inflation) is the talk of the day. Tomatoes are being sold here at 100 rupees a kilo! Vegetables – expensive, meat and poultry – unaffordable, bread and eggs – the prices keep increasing and the list goes on. Fuel, education expenses, electricity, gas and telephone bills are but pulse raisers! Only we know how we manage our monthly expenses! But come to think of it; though with difficulty, we do manage. Some of us might have stopped eating out at (now) expensive restaurants, but we have not given up. Some of us may have given up on wearing brands, but we still manage to buy new clothes every now and then, and especially at occasions. We may be struggling, but we are surviving!

But looking from my maid’s perspective, we are rich! “Baray loag” is what she feels we are. We know even at month end we will have at least “something” and definitely “good” to eat at all three times of the day and which will be enough for the entire family, in contrast to her case when at times she just feeds her family with “sheera” (sugar cooked in water) or onions with roti.

Consumed by our problems, we tend to overlook the bounty bestowed upon us. The following lines always stir me: “I was sad because I had no shoes till I saw a man who had no feet.”

Life is a struggle for all of us. Some are struggling for two meals a day, whereas others are struggling for an iPhone or an Xbox or vacations in Hawaii. There is so much disparity! There is struggle for “needs” at one place and that for “wants” at another. At times, our wants exceed our needs and we become slaves to our desires. And in this, we tend to forget the abundance that we have.

“However little of anything you have, you can always find someone who has less. Find that someone, and give to them from the abundance that is yours.”

At times we may also feel that some of these less fortunate people around us take undue advantage. But I believe however much we give, it is not enough for us, and however much they take, it’ll not turn them rich!

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